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Titles By Peter Brandvold

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Titles by Peter Brandvold

(In Reverse Publication Order by Series)

Lonnie Gentry (coming this fall from Five Star)

The Rusty Spurr Series

The Old Wolves

The Last Lawman

The .45-Caliber Series

.45-Caliber Cross Fire

.45-Caliber Desperado

.45-Caliber Firebrand

.45-Caliber Widow Maker

.45-Caliber Deathtrap

.45-Caliber Manhunt

.45-Caliber Fury

.45-Caliber Revenge

The Bounty Hunter Lou Prophet Series

Hellís Angel

The Devilís Laughter

The Devilís Winchester


The Graves at Seven Devils

The Devilís Lair

Staring Down the devil

The Devil Gets His Due

Riding With the Devilís Mistress

Dealt the Devilís Hand

The Devil and Lou Prophet

 The Rogue Lawman Series

Heed The Thunder

(an ebook original from Mean Pete Press)

 Gallows Express

Border Snakes

Bullets Over Bedlam

Cold Corpse, Hot Trail

Deadly Prey

Rogue Lawman

The Sheriff Ben Stillman Series

Stillmanís War (an original ebook from Mean Pete Press)

Hell On Wheels

Once Late With a .38

Once Upon a Dead Man

Once A Renegade

Once Hell Freezes Over

Once A Lawman

Once More With a .44

Once A Marshal

Other titles

Blood Mountain